Gallery update – June 15th

I’m not sure of the exact number, but I’ve recently uploaded a lot of photos to the “family photos” and “wedding photos” albums in the gallery.

I also have 4 photos with people I cannot identify (except for 1 person in 1 of those photos), so I’ve created a new album titled “who are you” to help me identify them. Please take a look and if you know who they are, contact me.

I have also added a new file to the History section of the site – the Events file. It lists everyone added to the family tree (living or dead) and (if it’s relevant to them and known) their birth, marriage and death date.

January 20th Updates

I just uploaded 15 census files to the census album in the gallery. See the “how to” to read on how to make the files large enough to read more easily.

I’ve also added a link to the links page.

They have not been updated yet, but I have more surnames to add to the surnames page as well as a famous kin to add! I hope to have both of these done by the end of the week.

Gallery Update

Gallery updates:

I’m currently uploading and editing the information for the census records I have.

After that I’ll work on the official records/documents that I have. This will include World War I and II registration cards, newspaper clippings, birth records, etc.

eta: Or possibly not. I’m able to upload the census records, but they won’t enlarge enough that you can actually read the information on them. I’m going to look around for another way to make them viewable. If you have any advice on a gallery view or anything to help with that, please let me know.