She’s gone

This is a post I was hoping I wasn’t going to have to make for quite a while. My maternal grandmother, my Bubbie (Yiddish for grandmother), passed away this past Tuesday, February 25th at 5:05pm EST. 🙁

Her health had been rapidly declining the last month of her life. She used to love to talk on the phone, but in the last few week’s of her life she didn’t want to talk and would not answer her phone. Either a nurse at the health care/hospice she was at or a friend that was there visiting her would hold the phone up to her ear when my mom called to say hello. I was able to speak with her toward’s the end of January (one of the last times she was talking) and then last Sunday I spoke to her, told her I loved her and missed her. I knew I wouldn’t get a response, but I wanted to tell her before she left us. We didn’t know how long it was going to be (from the time her health started declining) and I’m really glad I was able to have someone there to help me talk to her one last time. I’m also thankful that she passed away in her sleep, that she went peacefully and that she is now with her husband, my Zeidi (Yiddish for grandfather).

My mom and her mom (my Bubbie) – September 2011
Julie and grandparents
Me with my Bubbie & Zeidi – sometime in 1981

 She lived in Michigan (lived there her entire life), so my mom flew back East on Thursday. The funeral is tomorrow. It’s being live streamed over the internet for those who can’t be there in person. My mom’s cousin (they were born in the same year so they grew up really close) still lives in Michigan and is going to be holding the Shiva tomorrow and Monday. My mom flies back home on Wednesday.

I’ve also created a memorial page for her. Just click below.

RIP Bubbie. I love you.

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