The results are in!

Things have been a bit crazy for me, so I’ve been way behind in making this post. Like I last posted, my DNA results started to process on April 8th. I was expecting to wait 6-8, as I was advised, for the results, but instead had to wait less than a month. 2 weeks and 2 days to be exact – April 24th.

Family Tree: AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate

My results are pretty much spot on what I thought they would be. I already knew that I had ancestors from England, Russia/Poland, Ireland and Sweden. The only actual surprise was that I didn’t get a percentage for Ireland itself. I know I have 2 direct ancestors (both male great-great-something¬†grandfathers) that came from Ireland, but since you only get 50% DNA from each parent, it probably reduced itself enough that I get nothing. If there’s ever the chance (and by that I mean financially) to get one or both of my siblings tested, I’d love to have take the test so I can compare our percentages.

I currently have 216 pages of matches (and I believe there is 50 names per page). I have one 3rd cousin match, about 4 pages of 4th cousins (one of which I already knew about… hi Kimberlee!) and the rest are distant cousins (5-8th cousin ranges). Of all those matches, only 2 have a shared ancestor hint with me. One is the cousin I already knew about and even though AncestryDNA says she is a 4th cousin, we are actually 2nd cousins (we have the same great-grandfather) and the other is a 5-8th cousin match. I have not contacted this match, but based on what info is shown, we share 7th great-grandparents.

I’m still trying to figure out how to sort the results (like if they are from my mother or father’s side) and what to say to them, etc. So more updates on that as it get’s started.

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