Transfer your raw DNA data

If you have tested your DNA with or with 23andme, but have not tested with FamilyTreeDNA (or transferred your raw data to their site), you can now transfer your raw data FOR FREE.

Please use this link to do so – as they only give you a certain number of matches for free and it costs $39 to unlock the rest of them. Or you can get 4 people to use your specific link to register and upload their data to unlock it for free. SO PLEASE HELP ME UNLOCK MY MATCHES.

Want to see if we match with the DNA sites I have my information on…

AncestryDNA – they don’t give out kit numbers, but my username is julie52479
Gedmatch – kit #A384941
FTDNA – kit #B29051

eta: As of April 14th I have unlocked all of my matches at FTDNA!

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